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Design Form Download

Serial No. Description of the form Download
01 Notice of intended exhibition or publication of an unpatented invention or an unregistered design. Form 14
02 Application for registration or design. Form 15
03 Application for registration or design under reciprocal arrangement with the United Kingdom or other parts of Her Majesty’s Dominion or with Acceding or non-Acceding States. Form 16
04 Application for registration of design to be applied to a set. Form 17
05 Request for grounds of decision. Form 18
06 Application to extend copyright. Form 19
07 Request for search under section 51 when registration number is supplied. Form 20
08 Request for search under section 51 when registration number is not supplied. Form 21
09 Application for cancellation of the registration of a design. Form 22
10 Notice of alteration of a name or an address or an address for service in the Register of Patents or of Designs. Form 23
11 Request for entry of two addresses for service in Register of Patent/Designs Form 24
12 Application for entry of name of proprietor or part proprietor in Register of Patent/Designs Form 25
13 Application for notice of a mortgage or license in Register of Patent/Designs Form 26
14 Application for entry of notification of document in Register of Patents/Designs Form 27
15 Request for correction of clerical error. Form 28
16 Request for certificate. Form 29
17 Rectification or Register. Form 30
18 Power of Authority to Agent. Form 31